The 50-90 Sharps was introduced in 1872 to answer the high demand for a more powerful caliber in the "long gone" old Buffalo hunting days. The 50-90- 2&1/2" (50cal, 90 grains of Black Powder) offered more power then the 50-70 Sharps. Sharps also offered 50-100 and 50-110 in 2&1/2" long cartridge cases. Later Sharps offered 3 & 1/4 " long .... "/>
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Re: 50-90 (2.5) Sharps loads. by J.B. » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:49 am. If your rifle is currently in production at Shiloh .. and you havent specified 'otherwise', its likely to be a 1/22" twist Shiloh barrel. You'll be able to shoot 450 - 700+ grain bullets if your heart desires.
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